After Jephthah's great victory and the fulfillment of his horrible vow, the Ephraimites threaten him for not calling them to battle. Can you imagine? These people are so consumed with their fame and acclaim, that they falsely accuse Jephthah trying to "save face." This, by the way, is still an incredibly popular tactic in our modern era. Jephthah confronts them with truth; namely, I did call you but you chose not to join us. Truth trumps all the foolish questions that come from those who want to be noticed more than they want to be right. Have you been guilty of letting your pride get so out-of-hand that it spews out your mouth? The Ephraimites suffered greatly for their foolish, prideful antics. Jephthah gathers his army and decimates the enemy. James tells us that "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." He will say one thing then do another and get mad when what he does backfires. That person is always looking for someone else to blame. When they come knocking on your door, use the same truth Jephthah used to diffuse the situation and set the person straight. When you are walking in the truth and living by the truth, then you should be free to answer questions and rebuff stupidity with that same truth.

Help me, Lord, to humble myself before You and stop thinking I "deserve" anything. Help me to speak truth into those situations where lies and foolish speech seem to rule the day.