God gives us a little insight into several of His judges over Israel. Each is given a verse for his whole life, and each delivers Israel from an enemy of some kind. These men remind us that God calls certain people to certain places at certain times for His certain will. We do not need huge amounts of information to know that God put these men in that place for His purpose to be accomplished. How many times has God called you to service, and you found an excuse to disobey? If we could only see what God was going to do through that moment, we would jump into action immediately. We, however, live in the here and now where we have physical hurts, emotional scars, and spiritual wounds that stop us from hearing God's voice or from obeying what we know He is saying to us. These guys shared some of the same struggles, but we see that they determined to do what God called them to do. I believe God calls us to a specific place for a specific purpose. He calls pastors, missionaries, moms, dads, grandparents, single adults, married adults, teenagers, children and all those who will listen to His voice. I must remind you that there is no safer place in all the world than to be in the center of God's perfect will. When He calls, do not make excuses or bring up the past; instead, say "yes, Lord" and watch Him do the miraculous through you.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your voice and obey even when everyone else around me is living in rebellion. Help me to say "yes, Lord" to Your plan and enjoy Your goodness and grace upon the ministry You have given me.