How much does of a role does determination play in our success in life? This chapter is filled with victories and defeats, but it ends with a series of verses that remind us of the power of determination. These foreign empires determined to stay on the land that they inhabited for generations. They withstood all of Israel's attacks and even surrendered to servitude, but they were determined to stay in the land. God promised His people victory over all the inhabitants of the land, but the battle was spiritual and based upon who was most determined. If Israel was more determined, they would have driven out these nations with their false gods. Sadly, the foreign nations had a stronger determination than God's people. We fight battles everyday. Some of those battles are with ourselves and what we determine to do. In most cases, I get so caught up in my determination to do something, sinful or not, and stop listening to God's voice. He is speaking and even warning me about what I am about to do, but my determination rules the day and can cause great hurt and heartache in my life and in the lives of those I love most. Our only hope is to immerse ourselves in the Scripture so that we can hear God's voice and determine to obey it. Are you really listening to His voice, or are you too determined to do it your way?

Help me, Lord, to seek Your will through Your Word believing You will lead me down the best path in life. Help me to stop allowing my determination to undermine You work in my life, in my family, and in my church.