We should always celebrate the victories that God gives us in this life, but we must also be alert to Satan's deceptions. He is the master manipulator who will use every tool in his arsenal to deceive people into believing a lie. Joshua and his leaders were completely fooled by the Gibeonites. They saw the bread, the shoes, the wine skins, and they heard the lies, and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It only took a short time to realize their mistake, but because of an oath they made to the clan, they did not attack; instead, they put them to work carving wood and carrying water. The key phrase in this whole deception story is: "but [they] did not inquire of the Lord." They saw the evidence and heard the story, but they never stopped to seek the Lord in whether they should enter into this treaty or not. They never gave God an opportunity to intervene or stop the problem. How often do we go into a situation completely unprepared for deception? We are not wearing God's armor, and we are not in deep communion with His Spirit. We go in the flesh and fall into the same trap that Joshua and Israel fell into. Our challenge as Christ-followers is to stop long enough before making a serious decision to listen for God's voice. He has an opinion, but He will always wait for you to ask.

Help me, Lord, to ask regularly for wisdom in the decisions I am challenged with each day. Help me to hear Your voice and live in complete obedience to it.