After such a difficult defeat at Ai, Joshua listens closely to God's voice and prepares his people for battle. This time, Joshua employs military strategy to help his people defeat their enemy. Five thousand soldiers hide in the woods close to Ai while the rest of the army marches towards the city. The men come running out to defend their city, and they follow Israel as it seems to retreat. Those in hiding waited until all the men were out of the city and then they took it and burned it. When the men saw what was happening, they knew defeat was only a few minutes away. I am thankful to say that I have never fought in a battle like that, but I have faced spiritual warfare throughout my years of walking with Jesus. I have tried to fight Satan and his demons in my flesh and lost terribly. The lesson Joshua learned is a lesson we all must learn. When an enemy attacks, our first action must be to seek God's will and not just rush out in our own strength. God might be using that attack to reveal sin in your life or to show you a better, more fruitful way to walk with Him. Each battle has a purpose, and we must seek the Lord to experience it to the fullest. Once we hear God's voice, then we go in His strength and under His authority into battle. When God is with us, we are the majority and the victory comes from Him.

Help me, Lord, to listen closely to Your voice when an enemy attacks. Help me to hear Your plan and then apply it fully to my life so that You can defeat all my enemies.