This is the moment Joshua has been waiting for forty years to experience. This is the first real battle in the Promised Land, and it might be the most difficult one to fight. Jericho had massive walls that archaeologists tells us were actually two walls working together to protect the city. No weapons had yet been invented that could penetrate those walls, but God does not hesitate to send His people into battle. He tells them to walk around the city perimeter for six days in silence except for the trumpet blasts. Finally on the seventh day, they marched around seven times and then yelled with the trumpet blasts and those impenetrable walls came tumbling down. Israel displayed a faith that was far stronger than most we see today. Modern-day Christ-followers seem to wilt when they face an unexpected obstacle. God, however, thrives on overcoming obstacles and puts them in our path so we become more dependent upon Him. Could anyone in Israel take the credit for the victory over Jericho? Only God's name gained fame through that victory. He received all the glory, because He did the miraculous when His people walked by faith and not by sight. Are you missing those miracles God wants to pour out on you, because you have allowed fear to knock you off course? Trust Him, because He is more than able to keep His promises.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith as I face the obstacles You bring into my life. Help me to depend fully upon You for victory giving You all the fame and glory in the process.