God prepared the way for His people to accomplish His will. The nations of Canaan fainted at the sight of Israel coming close to them. They knew that the God of Israel was far more powerful than any god they served. They knew that these people were a danger to their existence, because they were following God Almighty. Before going into the first battle, God brings about a time of re-commitment by reinstituting the circumcision of all male's among His people. This was the sign they carried with them that reminded them they were His and did not belong to another. Before they attack Jericho, the angel of the Lord shows up and talks directly with Joshua. He tells the leader of Israel to remove his shoes, because he is standing on holy ground. Just a Moses experienced God clear voice through the burning bush, now Joshua, his protege, experiences the same through this one who dressed like a warrior ready for battle. When we are walking in obedience with the Lord and choosing to follow His plan for our lives, then we see God preparing our way and we hear His voice on a constant basis. This is the Christian life in a nutshell. Are you living it to the fullest, or have you chosen a different path?

Help me, Lord, to walk as closely to You as possible, knowing only You can prepare my way and speak clear words of truth to me. Help me be constantly reminded of Your plan through the presence of Your Holy Spirit in me.