God commands Joshua to instruct twelve men, one from each tribe, to pick up a river rock and carry it with them to Gilgal. When they arrive, He tells them to build a monument to remind future generations of the work He has done for His people. It must have been a beautiful ceremony and helped Joshua solidify his leadership over Israel. Why would God command His people to commemorate the crossing of the Jordan River with a monument? Sadly, He knew that future generations would forget God and His incredible work on their behalf. They would need something to draw them back to Him to help them remember all that He had done. While we might not normally build monuments in modern times, we still have those moments in life that grab our attention and cause us to praise the Lord. It might be a sunset, a song on the radio, or a comment of a friend that takes us down memory lane and helps us stay on task with God's plan for our lives. Those memories help us to stay the course and solidify our commitment to the Lord. How long has it been since you took some time to contemplate where you are and where God wants you to be? Let the memories flow today as you grow closer to the Almighty.

Help me, Lord, to "build monuments" in my heart and mind of special events, people, and moments that are life-changing. Help me to stay the course in my walk with You and look to those moments when I am tempted to walk away.