It is so easy for us to see obstacles from a human perspective and think they are unbeatable. When God enters the picture, that whole way of thinking changes completely. Joshua had to be looking at the Jordan River and wondering how he was going to get a million plus people over it. They had no bridge or even a boat, but God gave him a clear command to lead the people into the Promised Land. How in the world could he obey without risking the lives of his people? When he took the issue to the Lord, he saw it from a completely different light. Suddenly, Joshua knew exactly what he was supposed to do with the Jordan River. He assembled the people and told them to let the ark of the covenant lead the way through the river. When the shoes of the Levites touched the river, it stopped flowing and bunched up the waters so that the Israelites could cross on dry ground. God stopped the river, and God dried the land so His people could accomplish His will and fulfill His promise. God has a will for your life and has made many promises to help fulfill that plan. Are you interested in seeing God move the obstacles that have stopped you for too long? God is more than able to deal with any obstacle if you will only give Him a chance.

Help me, Lord, to see obstacles from Your perspective instead of my limited one. Help me to listen to Your voice and obey Your commands knowing You will accomplish Your perfect will in me.