Joshua takes God's message from the beginning of his ministry and uses it to prepare the people for his departure at the end of his ministry. That means Joshua actually listened to God and lived in obedience to His words. It also means that he believed them with all his heart; nothing could change His thinking on God's love and His promise to fulfill His plan. He tells the people that they must be strong in their faith and not turn away to the idols of those who still remained in the Promised Land. If they will live in obedience, God will work in amazing ways on their behalf. They will enjoy victory over their enemies and peace in their land. They will see God's hand upon their families and upon their finances. He does not leave it there, however; instead, Joshua reminds them that if they choose to abandon God and turn to the idols of the people around them, then God will abandon them. He will leave them to their own devices and allow them to suffer the incredible consequences of their rebellion. They have been warned, and now, they must obey. I know without question that God gives us clear warnings when we start dabbling with or playing with sin. He reminds us of how incredible His blessings are and how much we will lose by rebelling against Him. He warns us, but if we choose to rebel even still, He will discipline us severely for our actions, because He wants them gone from our lives. Are you listening as God warns you about that sin that does not seem to want to let go?

Help me, Lord, to hear the truth of Your Word and trust completely in Your ability to keep Your promises. Help me to enjoy victory over that sin that continually holds me back and show me how to walk by faith and not in the flesh.