Assumptions can create incredible problems in families and in churches. It is so important that we ask questions and find answers BEFORE we confront someone for impropriety or infidelity. We are instructed to stand against sin in the church and in the world. We are also sinners who have been saved by God's amazing grace. We mess up! The real question deals with intention...did this person intend to do that or to create that problem? Sometime after investigation, it is proven that there was intent and then we move forward with Matthew 18. At other times, however, our assumptions can fool us into believing something that is completely untrue. The tribes on the west side of the Jordan got "hot and bothered" over an altar that the nations from the east side built. They assumed these people were going to try to worship God in a manner that He did not approve. They were literally ready to go to war, but they sent a priest first to hear their story. They found that these people were not planning to use the altar for worship, but built it as a reminder that they are a part of Israel even though they live on the opposite side of the Jordan. The two and half tribes actually had a legitimate reason for their actions, but assumptions could have started a civil war that resulted in the death of many. Seek truth and justice and love mercy as you deal with the issues and hurts of life. Stop assuming you know what is happening and start searching for the answers that are legitimate and real.

Help me, Lord, to seek truth before I confront a person who seems to have done wrong. Help me to find those answers and then respond accordingly through Matthew 18 when a legitimate issue is found.