As God finishes His instructions about the Promised Land, He gives specific cities in each tribal region to the priests who served in the temple. The Levites did not receive an inheritance from the Lord, but He did give them certain places where they could raise families and build communities. Why is this important? It is important because God put a spiritual presence in every region in the Promised Land. If a person needed spiritual instruction, guidance, or assistance, a city of priests was more than close enough. These were men who dedicated their lives to serving the Lord, and their influence on others was obvious. It is also significant that some of these cities given to the Levites were also cities of refuge for those who accidentally killed another person. This was a place of safety and help in every circumstance and situation that the Israelites faced. Today, we have a place of refuge and instruction. We call it church. It is a place where a believer can go for assistance whenever it is needed. At church, we receive instruction through Spirit-filled teachers and preachers. At church, we find those of like faith who we can build strong, lasting relationships with. God has given us the privilege to be that beacon of hope and truth in our community. God gave each tribe at least one city for the priests, and He has given us a church to attend and serve with in our community and around the world.

Help me, Lord, to take full advantage of the incredible church family You have given me. Help me to remember my role in helping others in their struggles, as they minister and love me through my own.