The cities of refuge are set aside for those who mistakenly kill someone. The guilty party is to go to one of these cities and tell his/her story to the elders. They are then given the command to house the fugitive until the High Priest of the day dies. They are to protect him from any retribution since it was not a premeditated murder. The family who lost a loved one was free to pursue the person who committed the crime until he/she arrived at the city of refuge. God protected those who made a mistake and provided for their every need. He does the same today through the blood of His Son, Jesus. I am no longer guilty before the Lord, but I still make crazy mistakes throughout my lifetime. When I make a mistake, I do not have to go to the elders for help; I simply go straight to Jesus confessing my sin and enjoying His forgiveness. That forgiveness is needed not because I am guilty, but because the lines of communication have been disrupted by my sin. Others may seek vengeance for my mistakes, but Jesus never will as long as I am under His blood. That, my friends, is a greater love than even the cities of refuge revealed. God loves you and offers His forgiveness through the blood of His Son. He is our hope!

Help me, Lord, to stop allowing guilt to destroy my walk with You. Help me to rest in Your forgiveness and live everyday in it.