Joshua sends two spies into the land of Canaan to prepare the people for battle. These men were not sent to decide if they should enter the land; instead, they were commissioned with infiltrating their first target, Jericho, in preparation for battle. The men meet a harlot named Rahab who gladly takes them in and hides them from the mayor of the city. When she is able, Rahab delivers the men to safety outside the city and tells them where to run. She also extracts an oath from the spies that would protect Rahab and her family from the inevitable attack. As we think about that recap of this chapter, several points seem to jump at us. God uses a harlot to protect His people reminding us that He can and will use anyone at anytime to accomplish His will. Our judgment of other's decisions and lifestyle sometimes cause us to miss exactly what God is doing. God also created a spiritual bond between Rahab and the spies. They trusted her to protect them, and she trusted that her family would be safe during the impending attack. Trust does not always come easily, but in Christ, we learn to trust each other even in short periods of time. God also provided incredible wisdom through Rahab on how to get out of Canaan without being caught by the mayor and his troops. These men had to listen. They had to take that step of faith to enjoy the future victory.

Help me, Lord, to listen to and trust those You put into my life and learn the lessons You are trying to teach me. Help me to walk by faith and not by sight today as You lead my steps and guide my journey.