God continues to allot space for the twelve tribes to inhabit in the Promised Land. I love that the chapter ends with Joshua receiving an inheritance of his own from the Lord. The lineage continued successfully through Joshua and God honored both relationships with a city. How does God honor our faithfulness to Him and to His Word? He might do so through health, a strong marriage, or a plethora of grandchildren. He honors us with each possession and each opportunity for ministry. Are you in a place in your life at this point where you are ready for God to honor you? God can honor the young and the elderly. He is not respecter of persons, but He does honor those who honor Him. The church in the United States has stopped seeing all we have as a gift from God; instead, we believe we deserve what we have because of church attendance or some service we do for the kingdom. That is a welfare state mentality and has nothing to do with God and His kingdom work. If you want to receive special honor from the Lord, then honor Him with all that you do. Nothing else will work! Joshua listened to every word that came from the mouth of God and lived in obedience to it. He made mistakes and even failed a few times, but in the end, God saw his life as a huge success and honored him with a city. Will He have the joy of doing the same in your life?

Help me, Lord, to live in a manner that honors You no matter what the results may be. Help me to enjoy Your honor upon my life and to continually give You glory for all that I have.