Saturday, July 7, 2018
Joshua 18

After dealing with the two largest tribes, Joshua begins to pass out allotments for the other ten. Benjamin, the smallest tribe, was given the land between Ephraim in the North and Judah in the South. Why does that matter? It matters, because it created a bond between Judah and Benjamin that would last through the united and divided kingdoms. Benjamin would always be the middle ground between the two kingdoms and the entry point for any attacks from the North. God put the tribe of Benjamin in the perfect spot to fulfill its destiny. I hurt to think that many have been given that same opportunity, but they never really see God's hand in it. God does not move you from one place to another for no reason. He has a perfect plan for your life, and it is important that you stay right in the center of it and fully expect God to work through you in it. Even when you really cannot see exactly what God is doing, He is at work in your life and ready to use you for His glory. Have you been running from that plan? Are you a little too scared to take that step of faith and walk fully with Yahweh? Until you take that step, it will be almost impossible to truly see what God is doing. I pray you will not miss out on the incredible opportunity God is offering.

Help me, Lord, to see my place in Your kingdom work and to do my best to bring honor to You. Help me to stay right in the center of Your plan for my life and to serve You faithfully in all that I do.