Joshua continues to record the allotments of land for Joseph’s two boys.  Both tribes are large and complain about their need for more land.  Joshua, however, reminds them that they have plenty of land, but they must remove the Canaanites from it.  The tribe of Manasseh then complains about the iron chariots of their enemies, but Joshua tells them without reservation that they can defeat any foe because God has given them the land.  We sometimes get lulled into believing that our lives are supposed to be perfect and that we deserve all of God’s rich blessings.  The Scriptures never make that promise; instead, they remind us to walk by faith and not by fear.  That is the main struggle the people of Manasseh experienced, because they feared the iron chariots and could not see beyond them.  What comfort zones have you created for yourself and your family?  What if God called you to something far bigger than your current status?  Would you be willing to walk by faith and not by fear?  The tribe of Manasseh would not face their fears and never gained the full allotment of land that God offered them.  They missed out on the best, because fear stunted their faith.  Today, my friend, step out of those zones of comfort you have created and walk by faith trusting God to take you to greater heights in your walk with Him and in your love for others.  

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and not by fear.  Help me to experience Your best as I step out of those comfort zones that have stunted my spiritual growth and effectiveness.