As we read about the allotments of Ephraim and Manasseh, it is so important to remember that these are the sons of Joseph and not an original member of the twelve.  Why is this significant?  God was, once again, setting aside Joseph as his servant.  He lifted him above the other tribes by giving him two allotments, and He made it clear that it was all because Joseph stayed faithful through the years of hardship, false accusations, and a broken heart.  Now, Joshua is describing the different allotments of Israel and reminds them that Joseph was given double-honor by God.  As I look at life, I see God at every turn.  He brought a special mentor into my life at an important age to create a strong foundation for my future faith walk.  He literally brought my wife-to-be across the country and deposited her in a small, Christian, liberal arts college in Memphis, TN.  He brought others that led me into the pastoral ministry, and He opened the door for our move to Maryland and worked out every single detail.  When you look at your life, do you see God that clearly?  If not, why not?  Are you willing to take a serious look at your personal life and discern why God has not been at the center?  Joseph sets a powerful example for us to follow when it comes to serving God and waiting upon His perfect timing and His perfect plan.  

Help me, Lord, to seek You with all my heart so that I can look back and see Your legacy throughout my life.  Help me to stay faithful through the many hardships I will face in this life.