Caleb stood head and shoulders above the new generation of Israel.  He and Joshua were the only ones to stand up and challenge their people to go into the land forty years ago.  The people did not listen to their report, but both men stayed faithful to the Lord and to His call upon their lives.  They did not give up in frustration or follow the culture of their day.  They walked with the Lord when no one else did, and God blessed them immensely.  They stood when everyone else bowed to false gods and to cultural norms, and the difference was actually noticeable.  Joshua now comes to Caleb and gives him the land promised to him by Yahweh forty-plus years earlier.  Their faithfulness revealed God’s faithfulness which brought great glory to Him.  In the end, that is what He longs for most; when our lives bring glory to His name, we see Him step up in powerful and incredible ways.  That man or woman will see God in ways that few others have the joy to experience.  Is that what you are looking for in this life?  Do you want to experience God in deeper and life-changing ways?  The key is to keep walking no matter what life throws at you.  Giving up can never be an option for a Christ-follower; instead we must stay faithful through all our years.

Help me, Lord, to faithfully walk closely with You.  Help me to experience You in deeper and more life-changing ways throughout this new and beautiful day.