The writer of Joshua reveals all the kings that the leader of Israel defeated.  The list is impressive, and God gets all the credit.  Joshua did exactly what God told him to do and enjoyed incredible success accordingly.  As I read this chapter, I began to think about all the giants I have faced in life.  Some have been physical, some emotional, but most  are spiritual.  I also thought about how easy it would have been to give up and choose defeat over victory.  These battles are not always easily won, because they take hard work and absolute faith.  Joshua did not just waltz into the Promised Land and defeat all those kings.  He had to listen to the Lord and obey Him completely to enjoy those incredible victories.  Are you willing to trust the Lord that completely?  Are you interested in those kings being defeated in your life, or would you rather serve a king that does not have your best interest at heart?  Trust me when I tell you it is worth the effort to enjoy the complete freedom that comes from a life of obedience.  Faith is not always easy, but it is always the best path to victory.  Stand up and fight, my friends, the victory is ours through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and live in complete obedience to Your Word.  Help me to enjoy victory over those kings that have ruled my life for so long.