Have you ever faced a foe that seemed so large that it could actually defeat you? Joshua knew the Northern armies of Canaan were even more numerous than their previous foes, but he took God at His Word and enjoyed an incredible victory over his enemies. We sometimes allow size to destroy our faith. This cancer is too big. This financial struggle is too big. This difficulty with elderly parents is too big. It just seems as if that one event will overwhelm and destroy us. We quickly forget that God has ordained every moment of our lives and is using this enemy as a means to build our faith. Your big problem did not surprise God. He knows exactly what is needed for you, your spouse, and your children. As you face those battles today, look at it from a completely different perspective. Ask God to show you exactly what lessons you need to learn, and then trust Him with your enemy knowing He can defeat any foe. Joshua could have stopped living in obedience because he was facing a foe that was just too big. He chose instead to hear God's voice and obey no matter the size of his enemy. Which choice will you make in those moments?

Help me, Lord, to stop looking at the size of my enemy and to start remembering Your overwhelming size. Help me to hear Your voice and obey as You lead me without concern for the enemy lurking at my door.