After hearing of Israel's defeat of Jericho and Ai and the servitude that Gibeon entered into without a battle, the kings of the Northern cities of Canaan joined together to punish the Gibeonites for selling out. They gathered their armies together and attacked the city, but word got to Joshua who marched all night with his army and attacked and destroyed the armies of the kings of Canaan. In the midst of the battle, Joshua asked God to keep the sun in the sky until victory was theirs. God listened to Joshua's plea and then sent hail onto the troops who were trying to escape. The hail actually killed more than the swords that day. What message does this chapter give us? God is fighting for us. He is our great Warrior who can defeat any foe that we face. Some people I know are struggling with serious physical problems. Cancer, crohn's, MS, and other diseases are ravaging the bodies of these people. Can God intervene and defeat those enemies? He definitely can either miraculously or medically, or if it is His will, by taking His kids home to heaven where there is no disease or pain. In either case, our victory is in the Lord. No matter what you face today, He is there ready to fight if you will let Him.

Help me, Lord, to let You fight my battles today. Help me to remember that You can defeat any enemy that I face and to seek Your leadership as they attack.