Job's second friend, Bildad, actually makes some true statements, but sadly they do not really apply to the patriarch. Bildad focuses on our desperate need for God in our daily lives. He reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of building a strong and secure relationship with our Heavenly Father. We literally NEED Him in our lives to have any chance of true success. A person can make millions without Christ and fail miserably in His God-given purpose on the earth. We need God's Spirit to guide our words and our steps as we move away from our natural man and move closer to the man the Almighty created us to be. I suspect this is one of those "preaching to the choir" moments for Bildad and Job. His words are undoubtedly true, they just do not apply to the situation at hand. Job knows he needs God. He might know it now more than he ever knew it previously. He is in anguish and probably not making the wisest decisions with his speech, but this man understands that everything he has is from the Lord. Without God, he would never have enjoyed the success that he did, and now he knows that God sustains his every breath. Do you have that understanding in your own heart and mind? Do you know that you are destitute without God? Are you living as if that is the case?

Help me, Lord, to praise You daily for Your rich and wonderful blessings in my life. Help me to set an example of what a man who follows You looks like in grace and truth.