As Job continues to respond to his first "friends" accusations, we actually get a glimpse at the impact tragedy and illness has upon a person. Those two life struggles have limited his ability to see the future. He is so consumed with the pain and the heartache that he has no desire to live and cannot imagine ever being happy again. Are you there right now? Millions of people are hurting, suffering, or heart-broken which means millions cannot see much of a future for themselves. Those people need our help. Job was literally crying out for help, and he was unsure where to seek it. His friends were no help, and it seems that God has abandoned him so he has no clue where to find solace and peace. At this point, we, as the readers, think God should step in and spare Job of any further anguish and agony, but He does not. He knows how far this has to go for Job's character to be shaped into the image of His Son. He knows the same for us. We want to run from God when times get tough, but He is always drawing us closer to Him and calling us to an even greater character. We do not care for the process of molding and making us in the image of Christ, but we love the finished product. You and I cannot fix every tragedy or heartache a person is facing. We can love them and walk with them, but we must trust God to end that season in His perfect time.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to fix every problem that people share with me. Help me to love them, walk with them, and pray for them and for God's lessons to be learned in His perfect time.