Job responds to his "friend," Eliphaz, comparing him to an "intermittent stream" that is completely undependable.  He needs his friends devotion and care, not their constant barrage of accusations.  Job is crying out for help, but all these men can do is judge an innocent man.  Are we guilty?  Do we miss the cries of the hurting and broken because we are too consumed with what we think or believe to be true?  God rarely calls us to judge; instead, He calls us to walk right beside those that are in need helping them to see God even in the midst of their darkest moments.  This is completely counter-cultural and against our natural sinful inclinations; it is completely God working through us to help the hurting without judgment.  As you walk through this day, will you stop long enough to listen for the cries of those who are suffering and in need?  Job needed someone to listen and love him through this tragedy, and so do many others that we work with, live next to, and go to church with every week.

Help me, Lord, to stop judging those that are hurting and struggling.  Help me to love them where they are and walk with them towards the life God has called them to live.