As Eliphaz continues to question Job's integrity and character, he actually makes a good point. Some people do suffer because of God's discipline. Jacob limped for many years, Moses' authority was questioned at every move, and several of the godly kings of Judah were defeated in battle because of their predecessor's sin. We see it today among believers who choose to walk too closely to the world; God does discipline His kids; however, not all suffering comes due to God's discipline or due to sin in our lives. Job was a godly man who made mistakes just like we do, but nothing he did would warrant this kind of tragedy and disease. Eliphaz encourages Job to throw himself upon God's mercy, and in this, I agree. The reason we suffer is not necessarily the greatest issue; instead, our focus must be on what we do while facing that suffering. If God is trying to weed out a sin, then let Him. If He is trying to build your character, then let Him. If He chooses to use your suffering or disease to help others walk through their suffering and disease, then let Him. God is not surprised by what you are facing at the moment, and He always has a purpose for it. Seek God's mercy while you are hurting and trust that He is going to use every moment of it for your good and His glory!

Help me, Lord, to learn the lessons You are teaching me through my suffering and disease. Help me to walk with others who are struggling in the same way and learn to depend fully upon You for strength and help in my time of need.