Finally, Job and his friends get it! Job apologizes profusely for his foolishness and then tells God that he used to hear Him but now, after this trial, he sees the Almighty. His relationship has gone from a phone call to a face-to-face conversation. Job learned exactly what God wanted him to learn and then enjoyed incredible blessings throughout the rest of his life. He had more children, a bigger business, and even more prestige in his community. His health was good, and he knew it was all because of God. Job's friends did not fair as well because they did not do anything God wanted them to do. Their ideas and their ways of expressing those ideas actually dishonored God and were not directly from Him. God made them sacrifice several animals in front of Job before they were forgiven. I suspect they were embarrassed by their harsh and graceless words and that they struggled to regain their reputation among the people. Tragedy, heartache, hurt are all realities that we could face in this life. God's focus is not so much on the problem but on the response. As we mature, our responses should change completely, and we should begin to look for the lesson God is teaching instead of complaining about the problem. Do you trust God enough to respond in that manner? Will you let Him accomplish His goals in your life through any and every difficulty you face?

Help me, Lord, to respond by faith when the worst possible happens. Help me to look for the lessons You are teaching me through those tragic moments and to find my hope and strength in You.