God continues to remind Job of His majesty and power. He mentions the leviathan which seems to be some kind of massive sea creature. He tells Job that no man on earth can capture or control leviathan, and it is a part of creation not the actual Creator. He uses humor to help make his point as he talks about putting the creature on a leash for his little girls to play with. He also reminds Job that a man-made weapon is completely ineffective against such a foe yet God keeps him under complete control with no effort whatsoever. His point is exactly what Isaiah taught us... "His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts." We cannot compete or compare ourselves to God. His plan is perfect, and we are beneficiaries of the good He pours out and upon the difficult that He allows in our lives. This is the reality of life itself, and Job is learning this lesson quickly. He now understands that God is simply God and nothing he can say or do is going to change what He sees as best for us. Our goal is to honor and praise Him in the good times and the difficult ones. Heaven is so close; therefore, our focus is not as much on us as it is all those who need to hear the Gospel or see it in action in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to see the good and difficult seasons as part of Your perfect plan for my life. Help me to handles those times in such a manner that it pushes those around me closer to You.