Job seems to come to his senses for a moment as he realizes that he really cannot question God or outsmart Him. This is huge, because God's goal through all of this is to build Job's faith. He wants this man to know and understand who He is and how powerful He really is. God, however, is not finished. He asks Job if he can clothe himself in splendor and glory, or if he can save himself from whatever comes his way. He talks about the behemoth that only He can control, because man has no way of doing so. The point that the Almighty is making is that He is God and Job is not; as a matter of fact, he is nowhere close. This is powerful lesson for the world and the church in 2019. We have carefully crafted our lives around the fact that we are a god and can control everything around us. We never want anyone to question us, because we think that we are always right. Sadly, we also judge others because they do not live by our self-righteous standards. As followers of Christ, we must not get caught up in this cultural norm; instead, we must remember what God says to Job. We are not gods, and we never will be; therefore, we must focus our attention on the what God wants us to say, what he wants us to do, and how He wants us to think. As we do so, our lives find a rhythm, an order, that we cannot fabricate as mere humans. We learn that only God can bring us everlasting peace and joy, and only He can give us the wisdom to make the best decisions for our lives. As parents, we recognize that His plan for parenting far exceeds ours and is best for our children. We simply do not compare, so why do we continually try?

Help me, Lord, to live in submission to You and to Your perfect plans for my life. Help my life to revolve around You and not around myself or even another person in my life.