Does suffering always reveal a life lived in sin? As Eliphaz, a friend of Job, tries to make sense of Job's incredible loss, he immediately assumes that Job was harboring some secret sin, because we always reap what we sow. Is that true? Could suffering be an instrument God uses to reveal sin? I have no doubt that it can be and has been for many people. Can God use suffering to build character and to create spiritual growth in the lives of His saints? I know from experience that He can and does do just that. We must be careful when we try to put every situation and circumstance into a box and make it a universal truth, because our God does not live in a box, and He does not work according to our principles or plans. Our church family lost an incredible man yesterday morning. Frank Guliuzza passed away in his sleep on Tuesday morning. He was a man who loved the Lord deeply, who served as pastor of several churches, and who worked diligently to help college students succeed as Christians in a non-Christian world. We could never put his death in a box and say this is why God did this. We just cannot do it. We can, however, trust that God is going to build his wife's character, his family's character, and even our character through his death. We can know without doubt that He will help us all to grow in our dependence towards Him through this trial. As you speak to those who are hurting today, let your words be seasoned with grace and filled with God's love! The "why" is God's to know, our job is to walk with the suffering and to do all we can to care for them.

Help me, Lord, to stop putting You in a box of my own creation. Help me to love those who are suffering and help my words to be seasoned with the grace that Jesus has shown me.