God now uses the animals as a reminder of Job's inability to control and care for the creation. This is not about putting Job down, but it is about reminding him of his place in God's incredible plan. He has no power over the deer, the wild donkey, the wild ox, the ostrich, the horse, or the hawk, and he never will. Those are God's responsibilities, not Job's. God not only created the animals on the earth, He also takes care of them and meets their needs. Some have high intelligence and others are small-brained and run only on instinct; some are beautiful and pristine, while others cause us to flinch and look away. God designed each animal for His glory and His purposes, and our job is to take care of the earth that feeds and protects them. When we are down and out due to distress or disease, we tend to focus more upon ourselves and less upon God. The Almighty is now reversing the tables and returning the focus where it needs to be. These problems are not about Job's suffering, they are about building a stronger relationship with God. We have a choice when problems hit. We can grow closer to God through the storm and learn more of Him and love Him more, or we can go away from Him because of the storm and make everything more difficult upon ourselves and those we love. How will you respond to the next problem that arises in your life?

Help me, Lord, to stop focusing on my problems and on my needs and to seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness. Help me to grow closer to You through the storms that I face knowing they have a greater purpose than I can understand.