God now joins the party and immediately begins to remind Job of his place in the creation. He is the beneficiary of all the good that God has done on the earth. The patriarch was not present when God created the earth, nor does he have the power to sustain it and keep it going. Only God can do that; therefore, He has the authority and the right to do whatever He desires with His creation. He chooses to raise the sun every morning and to provide rain to water the plants. He created the constellations for our joy, and He keeps them stationary so that we can study them. He does all of this with little effort, because He is God. This is sometimes difficult for us to remember and obviously was a problem in Job's life, as well. God does not need us, but He does choose to relate to us and has gone so far as to reconnect with His creation through His Son. Since it is a choice that God has made, He also determines the good seasons and the difficult ones that we face in life. God sees what we need most and does what is needed to make it happen. Sometimes, that means we have to struggle and sometimes it means we are pushed to our limits, but in the end, God always works it for our good. This is so hard to see when we are in the midst of the storm, because that is all we see. Job's whole life was based upon grief and suffering at this point. God, however, knows where this will eventually lead and knows that it is good. He wants Job to walk by faith trusting the One who made the universe and now sustains it.

Help me, Lord, to trust You even when I cannot see any good in my situation. Help me to walk by faith even when it feels better to wallow in my grief and suffering.