Elihu literally says, "be assured that my words are not false; one perfect in knowledge is with you." It is hard to fathom just how much pride it takes to say such words to a "blameless", man of God, who is facing a tough season in life. Elihu believes that his obedience is the only reason he is enjoying God's blessings. He cannot imagine God bringing difficulty into his life since he lives so lawfully. He provides a picture of God that still rings true to many hearts and minds where God is holding a lightning bolt and always ready to hurl it at the person who makes a mistake. Elihu's religion creates a pride that causes him to say and think things that are simply not true. We can fall into that same trap if we are listening to the wrong people and not keeping our hearts and minds focused upon the Word of God. Job is learning the power of grace and is not going to listen to anything that contradicts what he knows to be true about God and about his former life. Grace sets me free from sin and guilt, and grace helps me through those difficult days in life when it seems that God is so far away. Grace gives me hope for tomorrow and a purpose for today. Are you living by your religion like Elihu, or are you living in a relationship with God like Job?

Help me, Lord, to put away the legalism that skews my understanding of Your Word and puts the focus completely upon my ability to obey. Help me to walk in grace as I face the good and difficult seasons that You bring my way.