Elihu continued his rant focusing on what is logical, not what is spiritual. He replaced faith with logic and applied it to God. As we said yesterday, he put God in a box of his own making. Emotions are the new guides in life. Logic has been thrown to the curb along with spirituality so that our feelings dictate how we act or what we believe. It is happening in the world, and it is filtering into the church. We act upon what feels right instead of upon what God says to be true. Elihu was sure that he was right because it made sense; it appeased his fleshly thinking. We do the same with emotions. We determine what is right for today and understand that it could change for tomorrow based upon how we feel. If your idea of truth disagrees with mine, then we agree to disagree or we fight like cats and dogs. We see this truth in politics, in work environments, and in our churches. Subjective truth changes in the moment. God has called us to live by absolute truth; a truth that never changes. People might say you are harsh or uptight, but the truth is the truth. God's Word is truth, and it does not change based upon our feelings. What determines your truth? Do you depend upon how you feel to make decisions, or do you depend upon the Word of God?

Help me, Lord, to live by Your absolute truth. Help me to stop listening to my feelings and start listening to Your Word before making any decisions.