Elihu continues his attack by returning to the traditions of men. He basically puts God in a box and makes it sound as if He can only do what we think He can do. Logically, it is easy to believe that when I do good, God blesses, and when I sin, God curses. It is how we work in most of our social settings. When someone we work with is doing a great job, we are more apt to talk positively to them or give them a reward. When, however, we perceive laziness or a lack of motivation, our whole attitude changes. Elihu cannot imagine a God who does not act just like we do. I know that this man respects God and sees Him as greater than any human, but He has also completely misunderstood the freedom that God has from our limited points of view. God is not bound by what we think He should do; He is bound by His own character and by His Word. We do would do well to get into the Scriptures and understand better this God that we serve. He is a God of grace, love, and compassion, and He is a God of truth, justice, and discipline. He is the juxtaposition of all six attributes and displays them fully at all times. Even in His discipline, God's grace and love flow freely. When His compassion is on full display His truth and justice are at work, as well. This is the God that we serve, and Elihu is trying to put Him in a box. We cannot do that to our awesome God. Read the Word, learn about the God that you love and serve, and rest in His plan for your life.

Help me, Lord, to know You as You reveal Yourself in the Bible. Help me to live in full assurance that You know what is best and that Your plan is at work even when I do not like it.