A newcomer to the group of "friends" has arrived on the scene and is determined to let his thoughts be heard. While he does not say anything about Job in this chapter, he does provide a great nugget of truth. Elihu reminds these men that wisdom is not always based upon age. As a matter of fact, some of our elders are not wise in any way. To say that all those over the age of 65 are wise is foolish. Wisdom is born over time, but, more importantly, it is also born from a healthy fear of God. That fear leads us to the Scriptures so we can know our God better and serve Him more faithfully. True wisdom comes straight from God and is given to those who ask for it and diligently seek it through knowledge and understanding of the Word. Wisdom is the application of all the Biblical knowledge and understanding that we have gained up to this moment. It is easy to see how age could build our wisdom portfolio, but quality time in the Bible and a readiness to learn and grow is another way to gain wisdom. Since wisdom is the application of truth, it is something that produces right actions. It is not something we store away; instead, it is something that we apply to our own lives and to the lives of those who seek after it. Are you seeking after wisdom?

Help me, Lord, to seek after wisdom by spending quality time in Your Word and serving You more faithfully. Help me to apply the principles that You teach me from Your Word and to help others do the same.