Job has faced temptation in his life and has won most of the battles that he has been accused of losing. He talks in detail about sexual sin, anger issues, and "the world revolves around me" syndrome. He admits that each of these sins deserves punishment, but that is not what he is currently facing. Again, his confusion is evident while his faith is strong. He is convinced that God recognizes sin as sin and that He acts accordingly to remove it from our lives; however, he is blameless before the Lord and struggles with his personal loss. His question is "why?" That will most likely be a question we ask at some point in our lives. We hear so much about people suffering because of their life choices or their stupidity, but we also hear about those who did nothing to deserve being flooded out of their home or losing everything in a fire. We face a real crossroads in our belief system when we begin to question God's plan or His purposes in what He does. Believe it or not, God is not surprised by those questions, because He knows our limitations; He knows we cannot see the "why" that He sees; therefore, He is not disappointed or offended by our question. In the end, we must conclude that God is on the throne of this universe, and He does all that He does with a purpose that will eventually be for our good and His glory.

Help me, Lord, to recognize Your position as King of this universe and King of my heart and to watch Your work being done around me. Help me to learn to walk by faith even when it makes no sense.