Job stops thinking about "the good old days" and comes back to reality. His new reality holds little respect and even less concern for his well-being. Everyone is so caught up in accusing and abusing Job that they have stopped caring about his heartache, hurt, and grief. He talks about those who spread rumors and those who spit on him. He tells us that most look upon him with disdain and believe that he has fallen from grace because of some secret sin. Job even feels that God is against him. He does not understand what is happening or why it is happening, but he knows that it is definitely happening to him. He knows it so deeply that his "harp is tuned to mourning, and [his] flute to the sound of wailing." This is where he is at the moment. He feels abandoned and helpless and his tears are a constant companion. Have you been there? The only constant Job could cling to is that God would never completely abandon him. He knew that his after-life would be spent with God; therefore, his thoughts continually focused there. Job sets a great example for those who are suffering indefinitely. He hurts and hates his current situation, but he believes that God will never fully abandon him; therefore, he has hope.

Help me, Lord, to feel Your presence even when everyone else has abandoned me and left me to suffer. Help me to find my hope in You alone whether I am enjoying good times in my life or difficult ones.