Have you ever hated the day that you were born? Job did. In the midst of this intense emotional and physical suffering, Job wished he had never been born. Suffering will push us to think such crazy thoughts, but Job's faith in God's plan and His purposes kept him from taking them any farther. When we suffer, it blurs the lines of right and wrong. For Job, it pushed him to curse the day of his birth. For others, it might push them to bitterness or to cursing or to mistreating loved ones. For those not suffering at the moment, those swings in attitude and character can seem sudden, but for the one suffering, time is inconsequential compared to the pain they are dealing with. Job reminds us that it is not wrong to suffer, and it is not wrong to struggle with your response to that suffering. Our role as caretakers and family is to walk with that person through their suffering even when it does not seem to be working. We cannot just quit; instead, we must be steadfast and unmovable in our commitment to love and care for that person. Job hated the day of his birth, and he needed people to walk with him and help him with the grief and pain. Those you know who are suffering need the same even when they do not respond as they normally would or as we expect them to.

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with those who are suffering. Help me to stay the course and love them through the difficult times even when they spew hatred, bitterness and anger.