Job waxes eloquent about "the good old days." He talks about his family, his business, and his standing in the community. He loved that people respected him and that they would listen to his sage advice. He loved walking closely with God and enjoying His goodness and grace. He loved working hard and raising children that worked hard and served the Lord. He truly loved those good old days and realizes that he might have taken them for granted. I fear that we, as Americans, struggle with that same attitude. We are so used to our beautiful, warm, dry homes, and our healthy, happy families that we forget that every bit is a gift from God. We are deceived into believing that we deserve all this good, and that it will never end. Job knows for a fact that those thoughts are built upon a false hope that God never promises. Our God promises that all will work together for good to those who love Him and tells us that He has plans for our future and our hope. He also promises us that we will face suffering and persecution even as we walk closely to Christ. Honestly, we need to celebrate the good that God is currently bestowing upon us. We need to have an attitude of gratitude that flows freely from our mouths to those around us. We need to give Him all the glory and honor, because our whole lives are a gift from Him. We must learn from Job and let go of all the earthly pleasures we are currently experiencing so that we can grasp tightly to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Help me, Lord, to not take Your blessings for granted and give me an attitude of gratitude. Help me to let go of all those blessings so that I can cling tightly to You in the good times and in the difficult ones.