As Job continues to defend his integrity, he reminds his "friends" about wisdom and how it is attained. Wisdom is not found in the mountains or at the bottom of the sea. It cannot be bought by the wealthiest person in the world, and it cannot be mined and refined like gold and other precious elements. Wisdom is found only in the "fear of the Lord," and understanding helps us stay away from sin and live in the center of God's plan. Everyone is keen on finding wisdom and understanding, but few ever do. Why? As Job reminds us, we continue to look for it in the wrong places. Today, we assume that the modern media will give us all the wisdom and understanding that we need. We also look to the culture to give us what it can never deliver. Wisdom comes from "the fear of the Lord." As I learn to respect Him in greater ways, I receive more and more wisdom. This wisdom leads to understanding which helps me live a righteous life that honors the Almighty. Where do you search for wisdom? Do you think you will find it in a textbook, a news channel, or a significant other? As a Christ-follower, I must choose to think differently based upon the truth of God's Word. Job gives us a valuable nugget of truth that is repeated through the Scriptures -- wisdom only comes from "the fear of the Lord."

Help me, Lord, to learn to respect You more so that I can experience more of Your wisdom. Help me to see a radical change in my life as You give me understanding that helps me overcome sin and live for You.