Job will not allow his integrity to be ransacked by his own words. He knows that he is righteous and "will not speak wickedness," and his "tongue will utter no deceit." He will fight for his character, because it is what makes him who he is. His character comes straight from his relationship with the Almighty, and he feels that giving up on that would bring hurt to Yahweh's name. We, too, must fight for our integrity and character. Satan is always looking for ways to destroy our character and deceive us into making decisions that lack integrity. It is a daily battle for our reputations, and we must fight with every ounce of our being for victory. We must devote ourselves to the Scriptures and to the application of those Scriptures to our lives. We must create our own rules for protection that start with the opposite sex and with making wise decisions. These are two areas where Satan works overtime. He constantly tries to use the opposite sex as a means to destruction. He also loves to convince us that a specific decision is the right one or a specific word is the correct one for the moment. This is why we need the Bible, the Spirit, and the church. All three keep us focused on our spouse and give us wise counsel about decisions that will be made or words that will be said. Job was not going to lose this battle, and neither can we.

Help me, Lord, to depend fully upon Your Word, Your Spirit, and Your church for protection and for words of wisdom. Help me to fight for my reputation and to make rules or plans that will take away Satan's opportunities to destroy it.