Job responds with sarcasm, but also hits on a key truth about God. As he speaks, the patriarch reminds us that we have only touched the tip of God's power. We have no clue how powerful one has to be to create the universe and then keep everything moving and going just as it should. We cannot fathom the power that is found in one of God's fingertips, and we do not understand the incredible authority that is displayed when He speaks. Job reminds us that God is far beyond our comprehension; therefore, we cannot put Him in a box that says every good person will always be blessed and every evil person will always be cursed. When we make those kinds of statements, we limit God's power. Even in Job's situation, God is protecting Job's life while allowing Satan to bring destruction upon everything else, including his health. We think God is failing in our lives when difficult things happen, but in reality, He is doing the impossible to keep us alive and moving forward in the midst of that hardships. Have you put God in some kind of a box? Have you tried to limit Him in one area of your life because you do not see Him working in another? Set God free to do as He pleases in your life. It might not always be fun, but He promises it will be used for your good and for His glory.

Help me, Lord, to stop putting you in a box that limits my understanding of the amazing work You can do in my life. Help me to praise You for Your power and authority and trust that You have a perfect plan for Your creation.