Bildad speaks once again and captures one side of God's character. He talks about God's power, authority, and strength. A human ruler with all of those qualities would most likely be a tyrant and believe He was more important than anyone else. God, however, is not a man. His character is balanced between His power, authority, and strength and His deep love for His creation. Bildad missed that lesson in his study of God. He only knew a God who blessed those who did well and cursed those who disobeyed. He had no room in his theology for a God who allowed bad things to happen to godly people. That led him to believe that Job had done something incredibly wrong and was facing the consequences of his actions. A half-baked theology can lead to full-blown heresy. Job understood God's love to some extent and trusted that He would eventually turn things around for His faithful follower. This whole horrible situation helped Job to see God like never before and to understand his strength, power, authority, love and compassion. He saw the full picture of God; instead of trying to force Him into a theological bent or belief. Bildad still had blinders on his eyes about the love and compassion in God's character. Do you?

Help me, Lord, to see the full picture of Your character. Help me to see You as strong and powerful and as loving and compassionate as I minister to those who are hurting around me.