The patriarch asks a question that reminds us of the incredible difference between my thoughts and God's thoughts. I am linear and limited in my thinking; therefore, the idea of God setting deadlines for specific punishments seems perfect. We do it with our children when they mess up. Normally, we prefer the punishment to be as close to the crime as possible. God, however, does not live in our time restraints; therefore, His plan for punishment may be far more drawn out, because He sees the big picture and not the microcosm of one person walking in disobedience. Do people suffer during those times? When the wealthy gain too much power, it normally adversely impacts those who are middle class and lower. This can produce some seriously difficult moments in life while the wealthy seem to continue to thrive living in their excess. We want justice now, but God knows when best to serve it. We must wait upon Him and trust Him to know the perfect moment to punish their visible and invisible sin. God will do so meaning we need to stay on task with the call He has placed on our lives. If I spend my days "loving my neighbor," instead of, waiting for judgment to come upon their lives, then I am more apt to rest in His plan and grow in my own faith. Let God handle those that are rebelling against Him and focus your attention upon Your walk with Him and the way He wants you to go.

Help me, Lord, to stop focusing on a timeline of punishment for the wicked. Help me, instead, to love people where they are and to grow daily in my own faith and ministry.