Job's faith has been tried and shaken, but it has never failed. He has lost everything including his health, yet his hope is still in the God who seems to be completely against him. He confirms his faithfulness to God's commandments and his deep desire to live in the center of His plan. He believes that when this season is over, God will be standing there waiting for his arrival. He is not going to be coerced into confessing something that is untrue, but he does long for an opportunity to defend himself before his Heavenly Father. We are watching Job mature right before our eyes. He is gaining a more "grown-up" outlook on life and upon God. He still has much to learn, but he is growing in his faith, and in that, God is pleased. Satan, on the other hand, was working overtime to get Job to denounce his walk with God. This man was too committed to his God; he would not turn against him or rebel against Him. Are we that committed to our God? We say we are when times are good and easy, but what about those moments when everything is going wrong and falling apart? We will not know that answer until it happens, but we can do everything possible when life is good to prepare for those difficult and painful times.

Help me, Lord, to use my time wisely as I prepare for the difficult days during the good ones. Help me to keep my hope in You no matter how difficult life becomes knowing You are waiting for me on the other end even as You walk with me through the fire.