Does God need us? In our pride, we assume that he definitely does, but in reality, God has always been self-sustaining. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are more than enough for one another. We must be careful with our misplaced understanding of who we really are. On the other hand, God loves us deeply and always wants to best for our lives. Job's struggle came because he could not see how that was possible in this situation. He moans and groans, because he can only see this ending in death; whereas, God sees a far different outcome. Eliphaz gives another eloquent, but misappropriated message to his "friend," Job. He captures a snapshot of God that helps put us right where God wants us to be -- humble, but ready to serve. Job's loss and subsequent illness has pushed him to confront God and plead his cause. God, however, already has all the answers; therefore, He does not need a conversation with Job; He simply needs to reapply His hand of blessing to Job's life and all will be good again. The truth that we must come to is that God does not need us, but we desperately need Him. Part of Sunday worship is to admit that to the Lord as we come to His church to learn about and worship Him. Whether life is perfect right now or you are struggling like Job, God is still at work perfecting you for the day of His coming.

Help me, Lord, to worship You, because I need You in every facet of my life. Help me to worship when times are good and when they are difficult, because You are my God no matter what is going on around me.