The patriarch encourages his "friends" to consider the wicked. They do not follow God's ways nor do they want His input or advice yet they continue living in their wealth and extravagance. They are not suffering like Job, and they are have not lost everything as he has, and now these "friends" consider him to be one of the wicked. Job tells them that their argument does not make sense. The wicked gloat in their wealth and flaunt it before the impoverished, and God does not stop them or punish them for their pride. Job knows that his suffering is because God chose to remove His hand of blessing from his life for a season. He does not argue his own heartache and hurt; he simply does not want to be lumped into the "wicked" category. He does not deserve to suffer, but he does. Job wants his "friends" to see that God is in complete control and nothing that he does is going to change God's plan for that season of his life. The patriarch does not like it or want it, but it is God's plan. The same is true for the wicked who revel in their wealth and luxurious life and yet do not suffer or hurt. It does not have to make sense to us, and we do not have to like it, but God is in control, and we can trust Him to accomplish His perfect will for our lives. Yes, the wicked may prosper on the earth, but their eternity is sealed by their lack of faith. We are simply passing through towards our eternal home in heaven.

Help me, Lord, to stop focusing so much attention on other's successes that I miss the incredible work You are doing in my life. Help me to trust Your plan even when I do not like it, because I believe You are in complete control of everything.