Zophar responds to Job's words with truth that is completely misappropriated. He talks about the wicked's "moment of glory" before the roof caves in and havoc rules. He accuses Job of having his moment and now he is suffering for his secret sin. The wicked rarely turn to the Lord in the midst of their struggles, because they cling to their sin and will not let it go. Their pride determines their destiny, and it always leads to destruction. Zophar's words are dead-on, but he has applied them to the wrong person. As you and I live each day, we meet those who are godly and those who are wicked. Our hope is that our lives will have a positive impact upon the wicked while we also encourage the godly. We, however, cannot spend our days chasing the proud and the wicked; instead, we must be the example of a Christ-follower and trust God will draw them to Himself in His perfect time. Life is too short to tie it to a person who is consumed with him/herself; instead, we love them from afar and hope to impact their lives for the Lord by modeling a spirit of humility. When life is good, we are humble. When life is difficult, we are humble. We are humble in our homes, at the office, and on the ball field, because life is not about us; it is all about Jesus.

Help me, Lord, to walk in humility and hopefully influence those who are not. Help me to set a strong example of what a Christ-follower looks like and trust You to draw the wicked to Yourself in Your time.