Satan is now given the freedom to attack Job's physical well-being. He covers the patriarch with boils that hurt and itch. He is physically devastated and wishes he had never been born, but He does not curse God or blame Him in any way. Job's wife has no problem with cursing God and dying, and she encourages her husband to do the same. This lady who has bore her husband children and walked with him through the ups and downs in life is watching the man she loves suffer horribly for no apparent reason, and she wants it to end. Her emotions ruled her response to the moment. Job does not listen and walks by faith instead of emotion. In today's culture, Job's wife would be the "norm." We live in a day when emotion is truth; whatever I feel today is true for today, but whatever I feel for tomorrow is true for tomorrow even it contradicts yesterday. How does one stand against the onslaught of emotion? We must follow Job's example and remember all the good that God has brought into our lives and praise Him even through the storms. Job's faith strengthened him in the battle with his emotions. You can win that battle, as well, but only if you are willing to walk by faith.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith and not by the emotions that threaten to take over the day. Help me to stay faithful even in the most painful of moments and praise You in the midst of the storms in my life.